What should you expect from the process?

We are a team so both of us will be at your shoot. Dee is the lead photographer, handles clients, and manages our online presence. Cory is a photographer, lighting design wizard, digital tech and editor. We collaborate as a team, using strobe lighting to capture nice, rich images. We would discuss the style and design of the photos and videos with you prior to our photoshoot. While shooting we can work together and create something amazing for you to have.

Why should I book with you?

Dee and Cory have been in the industry for a decade, and are college educated in our field. We take pride in creating a positive and easy going experience of your photoshoot, taking the time to discuss all of your needs and wants for the style or vibe. Whether it’s commercial, wedding or portrait we want to make sure that the project is customized to match who you are.

What to expect from your photo session

For portrait sessions, we like to spend 2-3 hours if we can. We will shoot until everyone is satisfied with what we got. Commercial and weddings vary for time. Portrait sessions will receive about 150-200 edited images. You get all of your photos in black and white as well. Commercial depends on the job, and weddings are about 100 images per hour, so about 1000-1500 edited photos.

Do we both shoot?


Are we insured?

Yes, our business is insured by State Farm.

What kind of photographers?

We love to photograph all kinds of subjects. We do portraits, commercial, architecture, social media content, marketing, editorial, weddings and more.

Do we back up your photos?

Yes we have a couple ways of backing up your images. We save them on 2 different hard drives, as well as store them on deeandcory.com for 5+ years.

Do I need to make a deposit?

There is a $350 deposit for weddings. Commercial photos usually put half down or upon completion, but each case is different. Portrait deposits are not required but appreciated.

Do we travel?

Yes! We love to travel for work! We also have our passports ready for international travel.

Can I share my photos online?

Yes share whatever you like! If you do please tag us @deeandcory and @deeandcoryproductions

I have a concept in mind, can you help?

Yes, absolutely! We love to customize and cater to fit an individual’s needs. If you have a specific idea in mind, we would be happy to collaborate on something extra special.


Commercial varies depending on the job

Portraits takes 2-3 weeks

Weddings takes 4-10 weeks

Video varies depending on the job

How do we edit?

We use a commercial standard program Capture One, and additional processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Videos is Adobe Premiere, and AfterEffects.

I am awkward, help!

We have heard this statement many times over the years. Some people get a bit nervous in front of the camera, but don’t worry! We are pretty laid back and want to make this as stress free and easy going as possible. We will help you with some posing ideas, but not over the top. We want to capture genuine moments as they are happening. We can always chat with you before to have a plan when we begin our photoshoot.


Tips are not required but is greatly appreciated!


Reviews are not required but also greatly appreciated! We are a small company and new positive reviews helps so much with our presence online.

What kind of photography style?

Since we take a wide variety of photos, we consider the style a commercial style. High contrast, technical lighting, and vibrant.

How do I get my photos?

We deliver you a private web gallery link. If there are friends and family that want images you can send the link and have the option to order prints online. There is a download button that sends you all of your high resolution files.

Prints and Usage

Prints are through our website, or if you want to print elsewhere you have a print release. Usage for commercial images is unlimited usage

What kind of photo access do you have?

Once we return your finished photos and you download them, you have a print release for life. If you want to order a print online directly from our site the photos are mailed to you. If you prefer to use another source to print you have the print release to print anywhere.

Do you make albums?

Yes, They are customized per client so cost would vary on what you choose.

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