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Our Story

Our adventure together has been 11 years in the making. We met in art school, and were best friends. We started to make creative projects together, and became a couple after college. We got married in 2016. That year Dee & Cory Productions was born.

We live in Salt Lake City, UT and love it here. Dee is originally from Utah and Cory is From Wyoming. We love movies, camping, and our pets, 2 little bunnies and reptiles. 

Cory has his degree in Photography, and Dee has one in videography. It's been a lot of fun helping each other to learn about each others field and do it as a team.              

We have been working in the industry for a bit over a decade, and 9 of those we have worked together. As the years go by we continue to try our best to keep evolving and learning in the fast paced world of photography and videography using our technical background. We love storytelling, and telling a story with images. We love to help you feel like the best most beautiful version of your self. 

We've worked in many of the photo and video industries. We specialize in portraits, commercial, social media marketing, weddings, architecture and more. 

We are always up for a new challenge. Let us help you bring your vision to life! 

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